What are proofs?

For sessions: Proofs are all of the images from the session that can be fully retouched. They come with my styling applied so that you can use them if you choose to. You will choose the images you want to be retouched from your proofs.

For weddings and events: Because it may take me a few weeks to finish editing a wedding or event, I deliver proofs by two weeks after your wedding or event along with your finished retouched family and group photos. Wedding and event proofs come cropped with my styling applied. There is no need to choose images to be retouched from wedding or event proofs since everything there will be retouched, they are just available for you to have while I finish retouching.


What is styling?

Styling is my photography color, contrast, and lighting style as well as proper color correction and exposure balance.


Do some of my images only come in color and others only come in black and white. If so, do I get to choose?

Proofs come only in color. Retouched images come in both color and in black and white.


Will I be able to print my own images?

All images, including proofs, are given in high resolution and will include a print release for your own printing.


Can you help me find a location for my session?

Once booked, I’ll be more than happy to help you find a location that you will love for your session.


What are location fees?

Some locations require a fee to photograph at and/or access the location. Location fees are typically paid by the client to the location but occasionally need to be applied for and paid by me so I can show proof of insurance and/or business license.


How long does it take for you to finish editing?

For full sessions, I deliver proofs within 3 business days of the session and retouched images within 7 business days after I have received an email that the images to be retouched have been selected.

For mini sessions, I deliver proofs within 2 business days of the session and the retouched images within 3 business days after I have received an email that the images to be retouched have been selected.

For weddings and events, the timeframe varies depending on how much coverage the wedding or event had. Wedding and event proofs and the finished family and group photos are delivered by two weeks after the wedding or event date.


What is included with retouching?

Retouching includes; Mild to moderate blemish removal, undereye cleanup, teeth whitening, simple object removals, simple spot removals, and any needed head/face/eye swaps for family and group photos. At request, mild body line and double chin smoothing as well as mild stretch mark and scar removals are available.


What if I want further editing done to any of my images?

Advanced editing is available at an additional cost per editing request per image. This includes such edits such as; color changes, braces removal, difficult blemish removal, etc. I can give you a quote for advanced editing before booking if you believe you may want some done.